8 Early Signs of Pregnancy

8 Early Signs of Pregnancy

Though there are many medicines and tools are available for you in the market to check whether you are pregnant or not. But do you know, your body also gives you an early sign of your pregnancy? That's why we have listed We bring you a list of "8 Early Signs of Pregnancy"

Actually, with the pregnancy, your body will start to experience many hormonal & physical changes. From these early symptoms, you can know that you are pregnant or not. But as a disclaimer, It is important to add that these are just symptoms. The symptoms that are visible may be due to some other reason also.

  1. Heavy Breast

This is a very common symptom. Actually, breast tissue is highly sensitive to hormones. With a pregnancy, the hormonal changes begin in the body. This causes inflammation of the breast or heaviness.

  1. Nipple color

Is your nipple color looks bit different? Melanocytes gets affected by the hormonal changes occurring during the pregnancy. That affects the cells that are responsible for the color of your nipple. The color of the nipple becomes dark when you have conceived.

  1. Feeling nauseous and vomiting

Start of the day during pregnancy is dull. In the morning, you will feel weakness and nausea. Many times you will also feel like vomiting.

  1. Frequent Toilet

Are you going to the toilet, more than you used to go? Actually, during pregnancy, the kidneys become more active, that's why you need to go to the toilet again and again.

  1. Cravings

Cravings are another major symptom of getting pregnant. Pregnancy increases the attraction of something special in you and at the same time, you starts eating the same. Many times it happens that women's daily diet increases suddenly.

  1. Headache

Due to the increase in blood volume, you start to have a headache. This is another major symptom of early pregnancy symptoms. But slowly it gets cured by itself.

  1. Constipation

Due to hormonal change, there is an effect on your digestion system. The digestive process becomes slightly slower. In this case, the woman often starts complaining about constipation.

  1. Body temperature and mood

The body temperature often remains higher than normal temperature when you are pregnant. Not only this, the mood changes from time to time. If something seems to be appealing well then at the same time you hate the same thing.