How to Get a High number of backlinks and Increase Traffic on Your Blog?

How to Get a High number of backlinks and Increase Traffic on Your Blog?

Traffic is the most desirable thing for all bloggers, no matter beginners or experts. However, the question is: What kind of articles you should write on your blog to get a high number of backlinks and Increase traffic on your blog?

This is a classic question for a blogger or website owner, which he/she encounters every day. The fierce competition and excess of content produced every day on the web makes it more challenging. Thus to get online visibility and higher traffic, you need to adhere to these eight golden rules to get a high number of backlinks and Increase Traffic on your Blog.

Content that generates traffic and backlinks:

1. Boost blog traffic using resource collection

Write articles on resource collection. Ideally, These articles are about a collection of resources of the similar kind, such as any online services, applications, tools, etc. with the links to download them.

Generally, these articles require two vital elements: Enough time for preparation and a special focus to the level of quality of what is being offered.

For Example:

  •     - List of blogging tools every blogger needs to know.

2. Articles on Tips

Everyone requires fresh tips to do things: Be it to optimize SEO or improve work-related activity etc.

The knowledge level of most persons is limited to their domain, at the same time they also everybody wants to improve their work. You can write articles where you can provide helpful suggestions, Which will bring you a lot of traffic. These articles are valued by webmasters, who generate a backlink to these posts.

For Example:

  • You can publish on the article on Blockchain, AI, Mobile gadgets or WordPress.

See our posts that give tips on how to do things:

3. Post an article with the well-explained goal

Always it's not required to publish articles, where you provide a bunch of tips to attract traffic.

You can also publish articles, which are focused on some particular issue like "How to generate backlink from Pinterest." Often, Readers are interested in solving these kinds of precise issues they are facing. In such instances, these articles are very much helpful to attract traffic and generate backlink

4. Write tutorials on a certain topic

These days tutorial or guides about any specific issues are very popular. Readers love to read these tutorials and solve their problem or learn about technology. Detailed explanation attracts lazy readers and converts them as your permanent reader base.

Again, These tutorials or guides are also extremely loved by webmasters. Which help in the growth of your blogs.

5. Produce information with the latest news

It's pretty hard to be first and latch-up on some breaking news. However, trust me, it is one thing, which can make your websites popular overnight.

Not just that it can generate enormous traffic and backlink.

6. Offer YOUR opinion on a particular subject

It's very easily said than doing it.

Each of us has our own perspective and try to explain your blog. This will show your persona, which would attract higher traffic and more backlinks. Write your opinion in your articles, using simple and clear presentation (These are the two key characteristics that each article should contain) could be very difficult.

Although, a detailed post, with your opinion on certain topics with a tiny word of mouth, can be very powerful to attract your visitors.

7. Interview of important people from your Domain

Articles on the perspective & thoughts of any big personalities attract a huge number of readers. People are curious to know about their point of view, thoughts & experiences.

Nowadays, it is very popular to interview renowned bloggers, who also post your content on their blogs, social media profiles, and pages. This is a fantastic source of traffic and generates backlinks!

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8. Anything utilizing a catchy image or title attracts traffic.

Title of Cover image is the first thing, which would attract the attention of the reader. A well-written article can also go unnoticed if the blog title is not chosen thoughtfully. So, select an attractive title and cover image for your article spend some time researching.

We continue to say that content is king, and the idea of having a great and unique content is to attract natural backlinks to drive traffic. When you write content that has a peerless angle, and also includes above mentioned eight tricks, it will naturally drive others to link your content.

What do you feel? Do you have any other ideas to increase traffic and backlinks to your blog?

If yes! Please let us know in our comment section.