Lose Belly Fat with Just 30 sec exercise everyday

Lose Belly Fat with Just 30 sec exercise everyday

To hide your belly fat, what not you do? You wear loose clothes or stays away from people attention. But after all the steps to hide your stomach fat are you successful?
No na!
Now it's time that you should not run away from this, rather you should be fighting against it. 
The fat stored on the stomach not only spoils your appearance, but it can also lead to many serious diseases. That is why it is necessary to get rid of it as soon as possible. Today we are telling you how to lose belly fat and whole body weight. Let's know what are these ans answer the question "How to lose belly fat by Exercise", How to lose belly fat naturally at home":

  1. Tricep Dips - It is the easiest

If you do not like to go to the gym and have never been exposed to exercise then you should first exercise easy exercise like tricep dips. The best thing about this exercise is that you do not need to go to a park, terrace or open place for this. Time is also not an issue. You can do this exercise any time in the morning, evening or night by taking your bed, sofa or stairs support.

How to do Tricep Dips

First you sit on the floor of your room, back attached to bench, staircase or your bed. After this, try to lift your palms up on the bed, sofa or bench. In this endeavor, you will get stress on your tricep and stomach fat. To take advantage of this exercise, it is important that you first fix the number of dips set. After this, start raising the number of sets. For instance, On the first day you will be able to up and down three times in a single chance. In this case, this one chance will be repeated three times. However, if you have any problems related to wrist and shoulders, then you can avoiding this exercise.

  1. Tummy-lowering exercise

If you are worried about your belly fat, then you have to do this exercise for 30 seconds. This exercise will begin to burn fatty deposits around your stomach very fast. This exercise must be done empty stomach.

How to do Tummy-lowering exercise

You do not need any thing to do this exercise. First of all, lie down on the ground. Both legs should be connected in pairs. After this, lift your left leg up and down up to your stomach. Then lift the right foot up and down to the stomach. After this, spread both the legs in the opposite direction. After this slowly come into the attention posture. You can do this exercise three times.

  1. Jumping rope - It is very important

All of you must have jumped rope in games. But now you have to start jumping the rope to burn your body fat. The jumps will consume the extra calories and extra fat will also burn. This will tone down your body.

How to Jump rope

To jump the rope, you must have a rope of sufficient length to support your height. Initially, you jump the rope comfortably. But you have to start slowly increasing your jumping speed. This will help you a lot in weight loss.

  1. Jumping

You would have observed that the children who play & jump are thin & lean. That's why you also have to exercise your body to jump extras to remove excess weight.

How will be exercise
For this, you have to stand up while raising your hands upright. After this, slowly coming down, you have to sit like you are sitting on the chair. After this you have to jump upwards again. This will inspire your whole body and will get a lot of perspiration. This exercise is likely to help you to lose your weight.